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Allow me to use this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of D’Marsh Couture.

As we seek to find creative ways to grow the D’Marsh brand, I have been given a great opportunity which I would like to share with you.

D’Marsh Couture has been invited to participate in Guangzhou Fashion Week to be held from November 5-12, 2017. Guangzhou, a city just next to Hong Kong, is one of the most developed cities with a long history of fashion and garment production in China. 

This will be the brand's first major international show so I'm excited about this opportunity to showcase our collection to a global audience.

This trip will be of tremendous benefit for the brand as in addition to provide international exposure to the growing Chinese and Asian market, it will afford me the opportunity to meet with a few key stakeholders while I'm in China to enhance our brand positioning: source garment bag, shopping bags, gift boxes and manufacturers as we seek to expand our ready-to-wear collection.

I am counting on support to help make this trip a reality.

Guangzhou Fashion Designer Association will underwrite the cost of accommodation, meals and ground transportation, however, I am responsible for roundtrip airfare.

To this end, I write to seek your assistance in defraying the cost of my airfare. No contribution is too small.

 Thanks in advance.